Exquisite Concierge

Exquisite Concierge is dedicated to luxury living; to providing the finer things in life to people who already have everything they could possibly want.

We provide the highest quality food and drink experiences, extravagant activities, and opulent toys and technology. With Exquisite Concierge, you can live life to the fullest, enjoying each step of your journey in prime position.

Whether you enjoy sipping on rare, hard-to-find whisky, sailing through the ocean on a private yacht, or cruising along the open road in a classic sports car, we have everything you could possibly need. 

Our Services

Exquisite Concierge offers a wide range of services to make your life easier and more enjoyable. Our exquisite Essex branch caters to those who want to indulge in exclusive experiences in and around Essex, and we offer services to other areas of the United Kingdom with the same level of quality and attention to detail.

Home Management

We will manage your life and your home for you, giving you back time to create precious memories with your family and the ability to enjoy life without stress. We can arrange house cleaning services, garden services, and more, to help you manage your home.

Real Estate Management

Let us Exquisite Essex manage your property, whether it is a holiday home, second residence, or investment property. We also offer management of rental properties, removing your stress as a landlord.

Motor Vehicle Concierge

Our team of experts will manage all aspects of your motor vehicle needs, from finalising the purchase process to delivering the vehicle. We also offer help with rental vehicles for local and international journeys.

Food And Drink Concierge

Our food and drink concierge services include restaurant recommendations and bookings, organisation of banquets and private parties, access to exclusive drinks clubs, and ordering food for your household from fine food stores.

Gadgets & Technology Concierge

Gadgets and technology are part of our exquisite specialty services. We partner with technology companies that can integrate smart systems into your home, including lighting, air quality, security, and immersive cinema systems.

Who Uses Concierge Services?


Concierge services are used by a diverse selection of clients, including famous footballers and busy families. There is no strict rule as to who can use these services, and no request is too big or too small. Clients are partnered with a personal lifestyle manager, who will deal with your requests promptly and effectively. There are no call centres to deal with, you will speak only with your personal lifestyle manager.

Live life on the finer side. Connect with us today.