How long is membership valid for?

Membership is yearly, and covers a household. Each household can opt for two accounts, enabling each member to personalise the site to their specific preferences.

What are the different levels of membership?

There are three levels of membership: Silver, Gold and Black.



Silver membership allows you to login to the Exquisite Concierge site, view all our news and features for top tips on where to go and what’s on in Essex.


£30 per month

Personalise your profile for your personalised homepage and newsletters.

Tailor your privileges, news on events and openings based on your preferences.

Exclusive offers for Exquisite’s events, venues and boutiques, plus hotels, restaurants and bars.

VIP treatment at our venues and restaurants

Ability to book a driver for your exquisite outing

VIP and exclusive areas at events

Exclusive invites to pre-season sales and new stock launches

Launch offers for new treatments and ranges

Free entrance to the most exclusive members clubs

Access to exclusive VIP events from sold out theatre concerts, sports, film premieres, fashion shows and award ceremonies.


By Invitation Only

With all the benefits of gold membership, plus your very own personal lifestyle concierge, black membership is the ultimate in luxury. Use our experts to book holidays, tables at the most exclusive venues and even tour round some of the most prestigious factories in the world. You’ll also be invited to exclusive black member events and VIP parties for the ultimate exquisite lifestyle experience.

Please contact us to register your interest:


How do I add an event to my diary?

In Events, on your chosen event, click Add to my diary.

Your chosen event will then be listed in My Diary, as a spot on the calendar (hover over it for full details). The list beneath the calendar shows your future events three months in advance.

You can filter by category to only see events for a certain section (e.g. Family) by clicking on the relevant button below.

You can also sync to your diary on both desktop and phone.

How do I remove an event from my diary?

In Events, on your chosen event, click Remove from my diary

Can I promote an event on Exquisite Concierge?

In the Events section, under This Week’s Musts, click to add your event. Fill in your details, and submit the form to Exquisite Concierge.


How do I add something to My Favourites?

Click on the red star above the main image on that page – the centre of the star will then turn yellow.

How do I remove something from My Favourites?

Click on the red star above the main image on that page – the centre of the star will then turn white.

Once you’ve added a page to your favourites, you will receive news/offers relating to that business.

The My Favourites page will list all your favourites by section. You can scroll through them by clicking the arrow on either side, and get back into the main entry by clicking on the name.


What else can Exquisite Concierge help me with?

Here at Exquisite Concierge we aim to make living the dream a reality. Our team of experts are at the end of the phone to help advise and inspire you and to help tailor your ultimate luxury lifestyle – tickets to the hottest sold-out events, tables at the finest restaurants!

Contact us:

01277 888708


How can I take advantage of an offer?

Simply click the Redeem button!

How can I tell my friends about an offer?

On the offer, click on the Share button to share it to Facebook or email your friend.


How can I upgrade my membership?

At the top of the screen, click on My Account, then Membership. Click on the Upgrade button by your subscription information.

How do I know when my membership is due to expire?

The expiry date is shown in your subscription information.

How can I tailor my preferences?

At the top of the screen, click on My Account, then Manage Preferences. This will allow you to select sections and sub-categories you prefer (e.g. Events – Music), so that you can receive news and offers based on your interests. You can also remove them.

How can I gain key date, anniversary and birthday reminders for venue and gift inspiration?

At the top of the screen, click on My Account, then My Key Dates. This will allow you to add personal information, such as wedding date, spouse’s birthday.

Exquisite Concierge can offer reminders for anniversaries and birthdays, and your favourites may have tailored offers for special occasions.


How do I use My Shop?

You must have your preferences selected in order to have the Editor's Picks of your preferred types of boutiques on display.

To do this, select My Preferences from My Account and choose the options you’re interested in. Exquisite Concierge will then automatically add items to your shop that we think you’ll be interested in.


How do I search by name on Exquisite Concierge?

You can search across all of the Exquisite Concierge website by clicking on the magnifying glass icon at the top of the screen. Simply enter what you are looking for, tap return and anything related to that search will appear.

How can I use Advanced Search Filters?

To perform an advanced search in any section, navigate to the category (such as Food & drink) and then the sub-category (for example, Restaurants), then click on the three-line icon on the top left for the screen. This will give you a list of options to choose from, allowing you to search for a restaurant according to your preferences.

If you add a postcode, you can expand your search area by moving the bar on Distance from you.


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