Home Concierges In London


Managing a household is difficult at the best of times; you have to worry about keeping your home clean, the upkeep of your property, ensuring all family members are happy and cared for…and eventually, you can think about your own well-being.

But, what if there was a way to streamline everything and make your life just that little bit easier?

There is, with lifestyle management and home concierge services. Not sure where to start or who to contact? Take a look at our list of some of the best home concierge services in London.

S2 Limitless Lifestyles

S2 Limitless Lifestyles is a leading concierge service in London. They offer luxury lifestyle management, as well as private home management services. They are unique, in that they cater to landlords, homeowners, and even tenants – something which is not commonly offered by your standard London concierge company.

S2 is also grounded in technology, with an exclusive online system that is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. All household requirements are met smoothly and efficiently, whether you need help with relocation, checking on the value of your investment, or tailoring your home’s interior to your design specifications.

Quintessentially Home

You live and breathe your passions, and you likely want to work with a concierge service that does the same. Well, Quintessentially Home does just that. They are a property management concierge company that specialises in Central London areas, and have over 15 years of experience in the luxury concierge industry.

Whether you own a private holiday home that you only visit a few times a year, or if you reside permanently in your London penthouse, this concierge service can meet and exceed your needs. Their team will act as the main point of contact for tenants and landlords, provide assistance with all maintenance, and offer luxury refurbishment of both the interior and exterior of your home.

Home Concierge

For those who have an AirBnB in London and don’t want the headache of constantly maintaining the property, Home Concierge provides a unique solution. They can create engaging and eye-catching listings for your private, luxury house and even select the guests based on your very specific guidelines.

Their concierge service offerings also include a comprehensive cleaning service before and after every guest, luxury bed and bath linen, as well as repair services for anything that might go wrong. If you would like to make exclusive use of your house, Home Concierge services will remove your AirBnB listing for you and prepare it for your arrival.

Home Serenity

Home Serenity is one of the leading concierge services in London. They understand that time is a luxury that many clients simply do not have, and offer private services such as babysitting, child care, grocery shopping, and even private chef hire.

If you are planning a getaway or are leaving the country for any amount of time, Home Serenity also offers exclusive and safe key holding services, which include checking on your house in regular intervals, providing regular updates, and ensuring that any maintenance or repairs are performed quickly and effectively.

48 London

48 London offers services from the extreme to the extravagant. They are one of the most coveted concierge services in London and have over 30 years of experience to back this claim. Their services focus as much on the internal wellbeing of their clients as they do on the external.

They aim to truly understand what makes their clients tick, offering professional advice on all aspects of life – from assisting with an interior design project, to planning the perfect dinner with friends, to choosing the best private chef for your next event. Their wellness concierge services allow clients to feel more at ease and at peace, while their lives are carefully planned with expertise.

Home is where the heart is

With the help of luxury concierge services, you can transform your home management from a chore to something to cheer for. These companies are available 24/7 with exclusive expertise at your fingertips.

From offering tenants stellar services and maintaining your rental properties, to managing AirBnb admin, all of your lifestyle needs will be catered to with these London concierge services. Without the added stress of having to worry about the minutiae of daily home management, you can enjoy your life to the full.