5 inspirational ideas to make your house more homely

What is the secret to making a house feel like a home? Whilst it’s easy to get caught up with interior design trends, the most important thing is that you adopt a style you love. A few key pieces and accessories can make a world of difference. Interior design specialists Houseology suggest 5 inspirational ideas…

Choose a consistent colour palette
Colour is subjective, whilst many people favour neutrals as a safe choice a splash of colour can add some personality to a room. A consistent colour palette throughout the home will create a more unified look. We'd advise painting the entire home in one neutral shade and adding a pop of colour through accessories or perhaps a feature wall. Accent colours can vary from room to room but by carrying different hues within the same colour family throughout your home, you will add variation whilst nailing that coherent finish.

Embrace texture
People often disregard texture in favour of colour when decorating. A textured wallpaper in a neutral shade is a great way to add interest to a room whilst still maintaining your chosen colour palette. Adding texture through your choice of textiles creates a cosy look and can help define your home interior style. Adding fluffy cushions and warm throws to a sofa makes it look lived in and adding a statement rug will anchor the room whilst adding a central focal point.

Add personal touches
There's nothing better than those little knick-knacks to add personality to your home. It's easy to get carried away though, so to avoid a cluttered look adopt the 'less is more' approach. Perhaps create a gallery wall of family photos in matching slim line frames for a nod to contemporary decor. Or frame the kid's art rather than sticking it on the fridge. Perhaps display your ornaments on open shelfing with some greenery for a fresh finish.

Create a sense of warmth
Lighting is key to creating warmth in the home. You should embrace various lighting options for different occasions. For example on a cosy night in a dim glow will help to set the mood. Opt for scented candles, fairy lights and the warm flame of light from your fire to create that romantic vibe. Contrasting for dinner parties brighter lighting is best. The luminosity and vibrancy will set the tone for the evening.

Be smart with storage
When it comes to picking out your furniture functionality should be the number one factor. Think ottoman storage beds, coffee tables with drawers, tall boy cabinets and under sink cupboard space.

Whilst these tips will create that sought-after homely atmosphere, in reality, it's all about the memories you create there - decor can only take you so far!
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