Amara launches own luxury homeware label

A cut above the rest when it comes to luxury homeware all under one roof, Amara is an authority on desirable and luxurious interiors.

Decorative inspirations for luxury homeware

Co-founder Sam Hood spent considerable time editing and curating a collection of brands to appeal to loyal Amara customers. The launch range is split up into themed decorative inspirations. There’s Fantasy (cool silver tones), and also Heritage (traditionally glamorous country home feel). Or why not try Graphic (sleek and pattern-filled), or Luxe (inspired by old school Hollywood glamour)?

It’s bound to be more than luxurious. As a result, Amara is now an even better place to shop – who knew that was possible? Visit to view the range.


Graphic - Broadway Cutlery Set


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Fantasy - Rea Silver Glass Vase


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Luxe - Bandol Brass Table Lamp


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Liberty Homeware Collection At Amara

We’ve fallen head over heels for the new Liberty Collection at Amara. Featuring cushions, handbags, passport covers, throws and more, this range is a collector’s must-buy. The deep jewel tones sit next to bright yellows, oranges and blues to create striking pieces that really pop. Taking inspiration from hand-painted prints and archived old designs, this collection really plays on the brand’s heritage. The vibrant pieces are perfect for adding an eccentric touch to your home. Whether you are an avid devotee of Liberty or a first-time buyer, you will not be disappointed with this beautiful soft furnishings autumn collection. The store is an incredible mock-Tudor building in London built in 1924 and was owned by Arthur Lasenby Liberty. It is understood that he had borrowed £2,000 from his Father in Law to create the store. His idea was to create an Eastern Baazar filled with good from the East. It was a huge success and within eighteen months, the loan had been repaid. Liberty opened in 1875 selling objects and ornaments from Asia including countries like Japan. They are known for their stunning fabrics and decorative furnishings. During the 50’s Liberty was well established and was known for it’s eclectic designs and fashionable departments. “Liberty is the chosen resort of the artistic shopper” – Oscar Wilde Today Liberty is still known for it’s brightly coloured prints that are iconic around the world. Grab your Liberty homeware collection available from Amara. T: 0800 587 7645, Buy Now

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