Baby slings for those summertime family walks

Is there anything cuter than a baby snuggled up inside a baby sling? We at Exquisite think not. And along with the adorable-ness of a sling, there are many other practical reasons why we think the baby’s of Essex would also love this mode of transport.

  • Baby is gaining that skin to skin attachment. And what baby doesn’t love a snuggly cuddle?
  • Carrying a baby in a sling means you have free hands to get on with your daily tasks.
  • Baby can be carried in different positions depending on whether they are asleep or awake meaning it’s a fantastically versatile tool.
  • Baby feels content because of the parental contact. Happy baby = happy parents.
  • A sling just makes parenting easier – baby sleeps, baby gets cuddles, baby feels part of your day. And who doesn’t love easier parenting?!


What to look for when fitting a sling

  • Baby should be in the frog leg position for healthy hip development.
  • Baby’s back should form a natural and gentle curve.
  • No twisting of the material, the sling should feel like an extension of your clothing.
  • Ensure the material is high enough to support baby’s head and neck, especially for newborns.
  • Keep the material tight for a secure fit – your face should be close enough to kiss baby at any time.



More of a pram than a sling kind of family? Check out this beautiful range of Silver Cross luxury prams that Exquisite recently brought to you.


Here are some of our favourite slings currently available.

We Made Me - Soohu

5-in-1 baby caring positions: Cradle-carry, Breastfeeding, Parent-facing, World-facing and Hip-carry positions.
Designed to carry babies and toddlers (0−24 months 3.6–15.9kg | 8–35lbs).
100% cotton.


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Close - Caboo +

Using soft, supportive organic fabric to ensure it's as comfortable for you as it is for baby. No tying or buckles. Ergonomically designed, it gives the ultimate support for your little one. Suitable from newborn. The soft, comfortable, wide straps distribute weight evenly.


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Kari-Me Navy Blue

Baby is supported in the most ergonomic position helping hip development. No pressure on babies spine or pelvis. Distributes weight making your baby feel lovely and light with no discomfort to you or your baby.
Over five metres of material - suitable from birth to three.


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Baby K'tan Hybrid Wrap

The Baby K’tan Baby Carrier is an innovative soft cotton baby carrier - the ideal blend of a sling, wrap and carrier, providing the positions and benefits of all three. It is a ready-to-wear wrap that enables parents & caregivers to comfortably carry infants and toddlers (from birth to 3 years) in multiple positions.


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Cybex Yema - Butterfly

Not technically a sling but it works the same way. Three carrying positions. The baby carrier Yema fuses the highest fashion standard with ergonomical perfection. The minimalistic design and the carefully implemented details make the Yema a fashion accessory.


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Didymos Meh Dai Ada Malachite

The Didy Meh Dai is made from Didymos woven wrap fabrics. The quality is outstanding, they are ethically woven always using organic cotton.

This Didy Meh Dai features the elaborate Ada pattern in turquoise, light green and bright yellow, a colour shading that makes the pattern shine in the daylight.

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Family Travel Tips for Babies First Holiday

Travelling with your new born baby for the first time is such an exciting experience, but can be somewhat daunting – thinking about all the things you need to take and how will your little one be on the flight with feeding and sleeping. Exquisite have come up with some top tips to help you when travelling with your new addition. For your first expedition, and to make life easier, we’d recommend consider flying to destinations that you can take from your local airport. Southend and Stansted have a fantastic list of destinations from France to Dubai – this ensures that you can keep the travel time to the airport to a minimum, and the density of passengers passing through the airport is much less than at large international terminals. Southend has easy parking right outside the terminal, but for even greater peace of mind, take advantage of booking your parking with a sky lounge pass – infants under 2 go free and you’re afforded extra time before your flight to prepare the baby for the journey; feeding, changing and settling her/him in a calmer environment. We also suggest looking at destinations under 3 hours flight time, perhaps somewhere like the Balearics? Ibiza has a flight time of 2 hours 25 mins, and several family-friendly hotels. Or, why not consider staying in your own home from home luxury villa? Exquisite loves Casa Des Jondal – a beautiful property on the Southern Coast of Ibiza, within walking distance of Cala Jondal and its stunning bay. Transfer times from the destination airport to the resort are key; try to keep them under an hour and ideally opt for a private transfer, that way you are not waiting on anyone else and are taken directly to your hotel. If you can, try to travel outside of peak seasons, late May, early June, September and October are great months to avoid the highest temperatures and huge numbers of holidaygoers. Most of all, it’s important to enjoy this precious time with your little family. Relax and cherish your babies first dip in the pool and their first experience of having sand between their fingers and toes. If you want to book your families first holiday, then we would be more than happy to help create these amazing memories for you. Please call the Exquisite Concierge team on 01277 888708.

Best Baby Products for 2018

Kit & Kin Range Emma Bunton has launched a series of eco-friendly skincare products and nappies for mothers and their babies. The former Spice Girl’s Kit & Kin range includes stretch mark oil and breast balm for mothers, and shampoos, body oil and bio-degradable nappies and nappy sacks for their little ones. Working alongside baby product expert Christopher Money, Bunton came up with the idea after she struggled to find skincare products that did not irritate her son’s eczema. “At Kit & Kin, we want to take away the stress and worry parents often experience when trying to choose the best products for their family.” she said. The shampoo and baby oil are designed to give babies a safe, healthy and happy experience at bath time, whilst the nappies use more sustainable materials and fewer chemicals than most other household brands. The skincare products also use natural, soothing and delicious smelling ingredients and oils that specialise in protecting babies’ most delicate areas. The full Kit & Kin mother and baby collection can be purchased online for £44.95 and tailored bundles and free trial packs are also available from their website. Buy Now Cuddledry An innovative new towel has addressed the problem for parents of struggling to lift dripping wet babies and young children after baths. The award winning Cuddledry baby apron towel can be attached to parents’ clothes via the neckpiece, allowing them to stay dry and ensure they have both hands free for safe lifting. The long and luxurious towel is made of pure unbleached cotton and natural bamboo fibres designed to be super warm, making it ideal for snuggling and cuddling your little one dry. It also has a unique double layer system with a hood which draws water away from the baby’s skin and hair and is silky soft, highly absorbent and fast drying, speeding up the process of drying them after the bath. The Cuddledry has received endorsements from celebrity parents including Denise Van Outen, who described it as “the best thing anyone can buy for a new parent” and Zoe Ball, who labelled it a “fantastic invention”. The towel could potentially help parents everywhere after a recent poll found 97% said they considered bath time an important bonding exercise with their children, but 78% admitted to finding it a stressful experience. The Cuddledry baby bath towel is available to buy for £29.99.  Buy Now  

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