Best educational apps for those long summer journeys

We at Exquisite are aware that the children of Essex are a tech savvy bunch. And with the summer holidays literally on our doorstep, it’s important to have some of the best educational apps on their tablets. The children are happy because of the allowance of screen time and the parents are happy that they’re at least learning something. Win/win!


Exquisite wanted to share with you some of the apps we love best. So if you have any long car journeys coming up then load them up and relax knowing they’re being entertained. Also included are a few of the latest and best tablets for children of all ages. Enjoy!


Loved by adults too! Duolingo introduces new words and phrases with each level that you pass. With 23 language options and a real "game" feel about it, this is sure to be popular with your kids. Find it on your phone's Google Play or Apple Store app.

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Does your child like completing puzzles? If so then this is the perfect app for them. There are so many puzzles on here, it'll keep them entertained for hours. Available free on your Apple Store app.

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Rocket Maths

Aimed at ages 5-7, this maths app is great fun to play. Parents and even teachers can track progress with this clever and well designed app. Available from your Apple or android app store.

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Intro to Geography

World Edition makes geography accessible. By using simple activities, puzzles, and repetition, this app helps you or your child learn the names, locations, and flags from around the world. Ages 4+

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Faces iMake

This is super cool and quirky. Perfect for the art loving child. Create images out of every day objects and connect with background music. It's a fantastic app to increase visual awareness and association.

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Monkey Word School Adventure

This app is fantastic. With a jungle theme, it feels like a game. But at the same time, it teaches spelling, phonics, letters, and more! Available on your App store or Google Play.

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Apple iPad 9.7-inch (2018)

Possibly the best all rounder available at present! Plus with an addition of the Apple Pencil it means you no longer need to splash out on an iPad Pro.


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Amazon Fire HD 8 Kids Edition

A good one for all ages as you can simply remove the bumper when they are older (around 6-8 years old) so it looks less child-like. However, this isn't an Android tablet and there are no Google services except for YouTube.


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LeapFrog Epic table

The ultimate kids tablet that develops as they grow. The Epic does a lot of work on its own - the educator-approved apps track progress and adjust the content shown based on how your child interacts with them. How amazing is that?! Ages 3-9.


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