Clinique Make Up – Fitness Edition 

Active beauty for an active lifestyle. Clinique have launched a new CliniqueFit workout range.

We’re all on the go and we all want to look good, no matter what your day brings. That includes heading straight to brunch from a fitness class! Well, Clinique have answered our prayers with CliniqueFit, a carefully curated line of athletic-inspired, high performance skin care and makeup that’s long-wearing and designed to fit seamlessly into your fitness and on the go lifestyle.

Enhance your post workout glow with mascara that doesn’t slip when you’re pounding the treadmill and with skin care products that help keep you cool. The CliniqueFit products give you that added touch of confidence whilst you maintain your active lifestyle. The high performance formulas feel as comfortable as they look.

Each product is allergy tested and 100% fragrance free. They formulate each product without any known allergens and then test each product 12 times on 600 different people. If they then find any one of those 7,200 applicants has an allergic reaction, they start the whole process again.

CliniqueFit is the absolute must-have for before, during and after your workout. Checkout the range below and put it to the test. We also love the John Lewis Clinique skin care range, check it out here.

Workout Makeup
SPF 40

This refreshing, lightweight foundation can be worn for a full 12 hours and provides broad spectrum protection with a blend of chemical and physical sunscreens. It provides moderate coverage and immediately evens skin tone and conceals the appearance of pores, without causing breakouts. Simply shake and blend for a shine-free, natural matte finish that is both sweat and humidity resistant.


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Workout 24-Hour

This mascara separates, lengthens and curls lashes without flaking or crumbling, lasting for a full 24 hours. The unique manoeuvrable brush has four faceted sides and a pointed tip to define each and every lash giving you full, voluminous body from root to tip. Sweat and humidity resistant. Cold water proof, yet easily removed with warm water or take the day off make up remover.


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Workout Cleansing Swipes

These wipes help to refresh and invigorate skin leaving it soft and hydrated. The pH friendly towelletes remove excess dirt, oil and debris, while also gently exfoliating and moisturising skin for a smoother surface. Suitable for all skin types and appropriate for use on both the face and body. These refresh the skin as well as preps for makeup. Simply sweat, swipe and go.


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Hydrating Spray

This water-based on-the-go spray instantly refreshes and hydrates parched skin. The non-sticky, oil-free formula absorbs quickly and leaves skin feeling soft and comfortable with a healthy glow. Suitable for skin types 3, 4 and appropriate for use on both face and body.


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Post-Workout Moisturiser

This double action moisturiser instantly hydrates the skin for up to 8 hours while keeping surface oil in check. The lightweight, oil-free gel formula provides a matte, shine-free finish leaving skin soft, comfortable and nourished. This product refreshes during your workout and beyond.


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Lip + Cheek Flush

This oil-free, sheer gel tints lips and cheeks with a faderesistant stain. Available in one, universally flattering shade. Just dab onto lips and cheeks then blend with fingertips for buildable colour that is ready for whatever’s next. It’s like a post-workout glow without the workout.


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Skin Care Basics with Collagen Aesthetics

Aesthetic facial anti-ageing therapies aim to achieve healthier looking skin. You should expect a smooth, blemish-free, translucent and more resilient looking complexion. So why do we need it? As we age, changes occur both structurally and physiologically to our faces, and the appearance of the skin and its layers alters. Wrinkles can start to appear, and sagging can occur. There are also changes to the contours of the face due to gravity, muscle action, loss of volume, fat and decline of collagen production. Premature ageing causes many people concern, as the skin can appear dry and wrinkled. Some people develop age spots and an uneven skin tone, typically caused by a combination of environmental and hormonal factors, but also as a result of excess sun exposure, smoking, drinking, stress and lack of sleep. This is where anti-ageing aesthetics come into play – to rejuvenate skin and get you feeling yourself again. Top Tip Daily skincare reduces micro-organisms that cause spots and acne, increases skin regeneration, elasticity and smoothness, and reduces wrinkles. The best skincare requires the best practitioner. That’s why, here at Exquisite, we are happy to provide you with our top tips to ensure you’re able to spot the best ones. 1. Make sure your practitioner is registered with a professional body and are a qualified prescriber. Only registered practitioners are qualified to administer botox, derma fillers, threads and chemical peels. 2. Don’t be afraid to ask your practitioner what experience they have, and ask to see training certificates and before and after pictures of their work. Practitioners should regularly update their training. They should have at least five years’ post-graduate training and should practice within the new aesthetic regulations and professional guidelines. We’ve outlined Collagen Aesthetics top anti-ageing treatments below: Chemical Peels can reduce scarring through deep exfoliation, increase collagen production and thicken and tighten the skin. They also reduce wrinkles, even out skin tone, and reduce acne. HA Fillers and Threads are injected or inserted beneath the skin to improve physical features, restore volume, reduce wrinkles and lift and enhance facial features. 3 and 5 Point Cheek Lift and 8 Point Face Lift to incorporate chin augmentation, jaw jowl and eye lifting. Botox reverses and changes the effects of ageing muscles and prevents the onset of wrinkles. Find out more information about the range of treatments Collagen Aesthetics has available today.

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