Detoxing Made Easy

For Summer!

Eating raw foods is a great way of maximising your intake of healthy nutrients while avoiding a loss of potency during the cooking process.

Since opening in spring 2016, Primrose Natural foods and Juice Bar in Chelmsford has been churning out delicious organic meals and snacks to satisfy any diner. Expanding its range last summer with the introduction of the new look range of herbal teas from Amy’s Apothecary and dairy-free ice cream, it now stocks foods suited to specific health needs.

In addition to their miraculous food supplies, Primrose Natural Foods & Juice Bar offers on hand treatments such as Colon hydrotherapy, Reflexology and Ozone therapy, which offer natural solutions for relieving pressure and also improving mental health. Exploring your daily thoughts and connecting with positive perceptions of self, they have a dedicated Life coach, clinical hypnotherapist and NLP practitioners, counselors, nutritionists and yoga instructors.

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Best for skin: Ozone therapy treatment

Ozone treatment is a form of complementary medicine, which increases the amount of oxygen in the body. Humid heat opens the skin’s pores, which allows the ozone through the skin to the bloodstream, where it may help fight many diseases that may arise due to a lack of oxygen.

Best for body: Colon hydrotherapy

Colon hydrotherapy is the foundation of a healthy way of life. Detoxifying the colon and restoring it to its natural state through the use of herbal supplements helps your body take the strain off other major organs, makes your body stronger and better equipped to fight illness and disease.

Best for mind: Medical acupuncture/consultant psychiatrist

Medical acupuncture incorporates acupuncture as a complementary therapy for anxiety, stress, depression and pain (physical and psychosomatic). Medical acupuncture can help relieve a wide variety of ailments including: depression; poor sleep; hypertension; neck and back pain; arthritis; sports injuries; infertility; premenstrual syndrome; and chronic fatigue syndrome.

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Activated Charcoal Tabs

Activated Charcoal tabs are an easy solution to cleanse digestion by drawing toxins out of the body.  You can take up to 10 tabs before bed to double the benefits.

Apple cider vinegar shots

Made from 50% ACV and 50% water, these shots can be taken 10-15 minutes before you eat dinner, or as you leave your house if you’re going to a BBQ or restaurant. ACV boosts digestion and fat metabolism, assisting your body to burn up the toxins stored in fat cells.


Chia is the richest plant-based source of protein and omega-3 on the planet. It’s an excellent appetite suppressant and natural energy source which can be easily incorporated into delicious drinks and juices.

Recommendations by nutritionist and detox specialist Emily Shaw who offers international luxury detox retreats and home-based nutritional workshops.


Try these tasty organic loose-leaf teas for re-invigoration…



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Rhubarb Patch

Rooibos Tea

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Snowy Flakes

Green Tea

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Bea Skin Care Summer Body Blitz Essentials

Body Blitz Essentials… The thought of baring legs after months of hibernating can be a daunting feat for some, but with a little TLC and the right products, our sun-deprived bodies can be transformed into pillars of confidence. Get ready to live your best life, in your best skin with bea Skin Care’s unique cosmeceuticals. Click here for tips on having silky smooth legs!  This cosmeceutical range has formulations that will transform even the dullest of skin, leaving you a pillar of confidence as you step into that bikini. Expertly formulated by Medical Aesthetician and Skin Specialist of 17 years, Bianca Estelle, this impressive selection of body products features active ingredients for FDA-approved, safe and effective results that are sure to have you beaming on the beach this SS18. The Body Bars Bea Skin Care’s Beauty, Radiance and Antioxidant bars are dermatologically classified as soaps. Founder Bianca Estelle says; “Our cleansing bars feature ingredients found traditionally in soaps such as glycerine, which is highly moisturising, and which has been specifically selected by us. Contrary to popular belief, these soap formulations are the best cleansing product for the skin.” bea Skin Care Kojic Acid Radiance Bar: This medical strength wash bar with Kojic Acid can be used on the face and body to treat hyperpigmentation, promote a uniform skin tone and exfoliate dry and damaged skin. 100g, RRP £25.00 bea Skin Care Master Antioxidant Bar: This medical grade soap bar generates a significantly brighter complexion. Using this soap regularly will rehydrate dry skin and promote a young, even looking complexion.100g, RRP £45.00 bea Skin Care Argan Oil Beauty Bar: Renowned for its nourishing properties within beauty products, pure Argan Oil benefits aged, rough, dry and damaged complexions. This Beauty Bar is a medical strength soap that helps to rectify sun damage, melasma and freckles. 100g, RRP £20.00 The Glow-Getters From bea Skin Care’s ‘Luminescence’ Range’ comes this powerful product, packed with skin brightening agents. Lumi Glow Patches: These discreet patches deliver 90% of active ingredients directly into the bloodstream. Known as “the mother of all anti-oxidants” Glutathione is a brilliant detoxifier that aids both physical and mental stamina at the same time as promoting brightness to the skin. 30 patches, RRP £190.00 Brightening Body Lotion: Designed to resurface damaged areas and hydrate skin, this lotion stimulates collagen production to leave skin smoother, firmer and with a more radiant glow. 100ml, RRP £35.00

Detox at the Sianji Well-Being Resort

Give yourself a healthy nutrition boost…with a healthy food holiday! Whether you’re looking for a detox, trying to kickstart a weight loss plan, or just simply improve on your eating habits, Health and Fitness travel have a handful of nutrition-friendly retreats that will help you reach your goals and stay on track long term. Sianji Wellbeing Resort – Turkey If you’re looking for a healthy retreat in Europe, then the award-winning SIanji Wellbeing Resort could be the perfect wellness location for you. Located in the south-western Aegean Region of Turkey, and ten minutes from the town of Turguteris, this secluded hotel is the perfect destination. Set among 100 acres of lush green gardens and featuring a private beach with spectacular views of the ocean, this resort will deliver a first-class wellness programme designed to leave you feeling fully rejuvenated. The Sianji Master Detox The master detox will improve your health and wellbeing. With an assortment of carefully selected juices and food options, you can combine this stay with a range of treatments, all tailored towards ridding your body of harmful toxins and preventing the onset of illnesses. You will have a consultation with a doctor and a detox specialist as well as partaking in informative seminars on healthy living. This holiday will provide you with an educational and friendly back drop to a detox break. This detox has a 7, 14 or 21 day programme. This wellness approach focuses on a healthy lifestyle achieved through nutritious meals and tailored programmes. The resort’s personal trainers are on hand to offer advice to help you achieve your personal goals, and there are a wide range of classes (these are subject to change) and programmes available aimed at slimming, detoxing or simply delivering a healthier lifestyle. To find out more about this stunning retreat and how to book onto a healthy nutritious programme, click here!

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