Ellie’s Restaurant (Greenwoods Hotel & Spa) Summer Review

Modern life is busy, unfortunately. Thankfully, in Essex, there are a few spots where we can retreat and recharge our batteries and Greenwoods Hotel and Spa must come top of the list. Tucked away in the quiet village of Stock, this Grade II listed manor house has gone through several renovations but still manages to convey a sense of history.

Boutique rooms offer both comfort and shabby chic style. A new beautifully furnished garden room is available for private parties and functions. And of course, there is the Spa, with a whole host of treatments, hand-picked and designed to help you relax and unwind. It would be remiss of us not to mention the food that on offer at Greenwoods.

Head chef, Daniel Holland Robinson, has carved quite the reputation and after a quick glance at the menu, it is easy to see why. With a focus on British cuisine and seasonal ingredients, the dishes he creates are contemporary but also comforting and thoughtful in the execution.

Delivering a sense of grace and calm in other words, and totally in keeping with the soft repose or atmosphere at Greenwoods. The belly does rule the mind after all.

Ellie’s Restaurant (Greenwoods Spa & Hotel) Summer Menu Sample

Confit duck rillette with cherry jelly, duck crackling, dehydrated cherries and crostini – £7.95
Roasted candied beetroot, crispy goat’s cheese with citrus dressing (v) – £7.50

Slow braised short rib of beef with roasted garlic mash, with port jus and chestnut mushrooms – £21.95
Chef’s Market Fish of the Day: Stone bass – £22.95

Hot chocolate fondant with pistachio crumb, wild berries and vanilla ice cream – £7.00
Artisan cheese selection, with grapes, biscuits and homemade chutney – £9.50
(3 cheeses included)

The fish of the day (in this case Stone Bass) is accompanied with new potaoes and seasonal veg.
Roasted rump of lamb with fondant potato and roasted carrots.
Honey Roasted Fruits with Pistachio Ice Cream and Vanilla.
Head chef, Daniel Holland Robinson, has carved quite the reputation.

Ellie's Restaurant (Greenwoods Hotel & Spa) Summer Review

Our expert reviewers, Mr and Mrs Exquisite spend an evening at Ellie's Restaurant at Greenwoods Hotel & Spa in summer to test out its seasonal menu.

"We were a touch early when we arrived at Greenwoods Manor in Stock, Billericay. So, with time to spare, Mrs Exquisite and I had a lovely walk around the grounds and after the feast we had, I am glad we did. Mention the words ‘duck’ and ‘rillette’ and I tend to go wobbly at the knees and its modern take had me swooning all over the place.

Mrs Exquisite was also very impressed with her starter of bright candied beetroot and crisp goats cheese croquette, that oozed with joy once her knife cut through it. In keeping with a carnivorous theme, I ordered the slow braised short rib of beef and the meat simply fell off the bone.

It was oh-so-tender and the accompanying jus was rich and refined. Spotting stone bass on the menu was a new one for Mrs Exquisite and her intrigue was not let down. Cooked just right and served with a caper butter, early new potatoes and green vegetables, she remarked how the tart yet clean combination allowed the fish to be the star of the show.

Having made some lighter decisions, Mrs Exquisite then decided to go all out and order the hot chocolate fondant with pistachio crumb and wild berries. As it was placed down in front of her, I could see veritable cherubs of delight, dancing around her head and tooting on tiny little trumpets. Or that vision could be down to the beautiful cheese, chutney and crackers that I had.

You know, some meals have been known to set me off down the happy and delirious route before. And this one at Greenwoods was no exception."

Greenwoods wins best pregnancy spa award

Congratulations are in order for winning the best pregnancy spa for mothers to be in the latest National Spa Awards. Greenwoods Hotel and Spa has reinforced its reputation as the ultimate wellbeing resort. Featuring nine tranquil treatment rooms and two blissful relaxation suites with personal sauna and steam room, a 20 metre pool and fully equipped gym and studio, the pamper haven also offers an exciting range of fitness activities. Offering its spectacular jump into June promotion this summer, visitors can expect a full day indulgence in the spa, a delicious two-course lunch as well as an aromatic strawberries and cream back massage, ideal for me-time. T: 01277 829990, WELLNESS TIPS 1 If you are prone to bloating, try cutting back on wheat and dairy and experiment with alternatives such as spelt, quinoa, millet and buckwheat. 2 Microbiome is the current buzz word connected to the health of our gut flora. Antibiotics, stress and overseas travel can all upset the balance, resulting in unpleasant symptoms including bloating. Prebiotic supplement Bimmuno will help gut bacteria to thrive while a probiotic product such as Vivomixx (with 450 billion bacteria) will replenish the good bacteria. 3 Avoid drinking water around meal times as this can dilute digestion enzymes and stomach acids, which can prevent food from being properly digested and thus lead to fermentation and distension. 4 Take a bath in Epsom salts once or twice a week as an excellent detoxifier. Throw a couple of large handfuls into a warm bath and soak for 15-20 minutes to draw out impurities. By Sue Davis, Resident Naturopath at Lifehouse Spa & Hotel, T: 01255 860050, top 3 Mindful Must-Haves These are the products you don’t want to leave behind when packing for your spa day.

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