Essex Independent School Open Days

With the new term fast approaching, it’s time to start thinking about upcoming open day visits.

Recently, we brought to you our top tips on what to consider when looking around schools.  So in collaboration with this, we thought it would be useful to provide a list of some of the Essex independent school open days that are occurring over the next few months. Many still have dates to be confirmed. Not all schools hold open days and many prefer to offer personal visits as and when throughout the year, so it is often worth calling to find out if this is an option.

Also please call to book places on your chosen open days.


North West

Felsted – Saturday 29th September 2018 – 01371 822600

St. Margaret’s Preparatory School – Tuesday 16th October, 2018 – 01787 472134


North East

Colchester High School – 6th, 16th, 18th October, 5th November 2018 – 01206 217116

St. Mary’s School for Girls – 22nd, 27th, 29th September, 4th October – 01206 216420

Holmwood House Preparatory School – Friday 5 October 2018 – 01206 574305


South East

St. John’s School, Billericay – Saturday 22nd September 2018 – 01277 623070

Thorpe Hall School – Saturday 20th October 2018 – 01702 582340

St. Michael’s School – To book a visit call 01702 416310

Alleyn Court Prep School – Call 01702 582553 to book


South West

Chigwell School – Saturday 29th September 2018 – 020 8501 5700

St. Nicholas School – Saturday 6th October 2018 – 01279 429910

Woodford Green Preparatory School – Friday 9th November 2018 – 020 8504 5045

Woodlands School, Great Warley – Friday 29th September 2018 – 01277 233288

Woodlands School, Hutton Manor – Saturday 13th October 2018 – 01277 245580

Braeside School – Wednesday 3rd October 2018 – 020 8504 1133

Brentwood School – Friday, 19th October 2018 – 01277 243239

Coopersale Independent School – Tuesday 2 October 2018 – 01992 577133

Normanhurst School – Thursday 4th and Friday 5th October 2018 – 0208529 4307

Oaklands School – Thursday 4 October 2018 – 020 8508 3517


Heart of Essex

St. Cedd’s – Wednesday 12th September and Monday 19th November 2018 – 01245 392810

New Hall School – Saturday 29th September 2018 – 01245 236 098

St. Anne’s Prep School – Thursday 18th October – 01245 353 488











New Hall School – Saturday 29 September 2018 – 01245 236192




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School open days – top tips on what to consider

We love to bring you the latest news from the amazing independent schools of Essex. But how do parents choose which school to send their children to? With many fantastic schools around Essex hosting open days this coming term, it is easy to understand why people often find picking a particular a setting for their child incredibly difficult. Independent schools in Essex are fantastic, unique in their offering and incredibly popular but it’s important to choose the best school that best suits your child. We have outlined some top tips on what to think about when looking around your potential schools. Hopefully, it will help in your decision making!   Tip 1. What is the schools general ethos and philosophy and does it suit your family? How the school is run day to day will focus on a particular educational philosophy. Do you agree with it? Nearly every school encompasses a mixture of academic weight, social and emotional development, a focus on sport, religion, science and music, etc. But each will emphasise one more than the next – this is where your beliefs and interests need to match those of the school. If your child is particularly academic then this may be your focus, do you want your child’s happiness to override everything? Look for a particularly socially conscious school.   Tip 2. Whilst you walk around the school, do the children look happy? A big indicator of how a school is run is to look at the children already involved. Whilst attending open days, do the children appear content and at ease with their teachers?   Tip 3. Does the school celebrate all sorts of achievements and not just those that are academic? If your child is especially sporty or loves to compete in something less mainstream, you want to make sure their achievements will be acknowledged amongst their peers.   Tip 4. What is the atmosphere like? In the class room, walking between lessons and amongst the staff. Does the school show off the pupils’ work and what is the quality of what’s on display? Does the work cover a wide range of subjects or just writing and mathematics? This will potentially tell you if the school values the wider curriculum or just focuses on getting good results in core subjec. You can very much get a feel for a school just by testing the atmosphere.   Tip 5. If the school belongs to the Independent Schools Council (ISC) then what was the verdict within the latest Independent Schools Inspectorate (ISI) visit? Whilst you should never judge a school entirely on it’s latest inspection visit, it can certainly raise a few thoughts.   Tip 6. Talk to the Headteacher Find out what they stand for and where their interest lies. – this can be a good indicator of the direction the school is likely to take. What are his or her core values? Does he or she really care about the pupils? A good Headteacher is vital for a schools success.   Tip 7. Does your child like it?  Ultimately, they need to have a tester day and see if they feel comfortable in the particular setting you’ve chosen. Does the open day welcome children? It’s a great opportunity for children to become excited about their future school life.   Click here for our Directory of Independent Schools in Essex.

Top back to school tips

As your children start returning to school, it’s time the breathe a sigh of relief and get your daily life back on track without having to find things for them to do everyday to keep them entertained. However, after six weeks or more off, your children may feel a little apprehensive about heading back (or even starting school if this is their first foray into the education system). We’ve sought the advice of Charlotte Gater, Head of Curriculum at tuition provider, Explore Learning to ease both you and your children back into the wonderful world of education. Practice getting up early before the big day Getting up so early to head into school can certainly be a shock to the system after the summer holidays. Try and ease your little ones into the routine by practicing to get up early a few days beforehand. Listen to their worries It’s only natural your child may be a little worried about either starting school or going back to school. after all, they’ve had the run of the roost for quite a while.  Make sure you listen to their concerns and be positive. It’s an exciting time for them, so make sure you communicate this rather than any negatives. Encourage independence Your child is growing up and that means they probably want more independence. Start small rather than letting them walk to school by themselves on day one. Things like allowing them to put on their coat themselves or trying to put their shoes on themselves will give them that little bit of encouragement and make them feel grown up. Make friends with their friends’ parents Although it might take a few days for them to find friends, when they do come home talking enthusiastically about a few of the other children, take the effort to get to know their parents too. Go on play dates and encourage friendship – companionship is one of the most vital things in childhood. Find hobbies for your child School shouldn’t just be about work, work, work. Find some enjoyable activities for your child to do after school or at weekends to have a break from studying. After all, they are still children and having fun is a key part to their mental development. Seek help if you need to brush up on your skills It’s probably quite some time since you studied at school and the expectation to help with homework may be daunting. If you need to brush u on your maths, science, English or any other skills, don’t be afraid to ask for support from the teacher, or consider parent skills training from the experts like Explore Learning.

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