Already one of our top seaside restaurants, the Roslin’s undergoing refurbishments give us even more reason to visit this summer

The Roslin Beach Hotel with probably the best coastal views in Essex, The Roslin was already one of our top seaside restaurants. The fact that they are currently undergoing some exciting new refurbishments gives a worthy reason to visit this summer.

Visit the Roslin Beach Hotel’s new Tides Ballroom

Their new Tides Ballroom has an extremely luxurious feel to it and their outdoor terrace has received a glamorous refresh with throws and pillows, making it a trendy lounge area for those long summer evenings.

KidZania and Nintendo Labo combine fun and learning!

Is your child a budding engineer? Or a hugely keen gamer?  If yes, then THIS is the experience for you this summer. In continuation with our theme of educational fun for the summer holidays, Exquisite is proud to let you know of this exciting collaboration between KidZania and Nintendo UK following the launch of their Nintendo Labo workshop experience. Nintendo Labo™ is a series of DIY kits crafted to work with the hugely popular Nintendo Switch™ console. By assembling sheets of cardboard into almost anything – a motorbike, a fishing rod or even a robot suit – and combining them with the Nintendo Switch console – kids will be able to bring their creations to life – from winning a race, catching a fish, to performing a song! Together with the Nintendo Switch console, the Labo kits provide the tools and technology to make fun interactive DIY creations, which can then be played with using the Nintendo Switch. This in turn leads to discovery and learning about how Nintendo Switch technology shapes ideas into reality. Eddie Kemsley, CEO at KidZania comments: “We are hugely excited to have Nintendo UK on board as a new partner in the city. Nintendo Labo™ offers a unique take on video gaming and method of play, and its ability to encourage creativity and learning in children is something that we encourage through all of our activities in the city”.  Once kids have completed the activity, they will get to keep their RC Car which they create during the workshop as well as receive a Nintendo Labo Workshop completion certificate as a token of their achievement. They will also receive a salary of 8 KidZos – the KidZania currency that kids can spend on activities throughout the city. Nicolas Wegnez, General Manager, Nintendo UK comments: “We are thrilled to be bringing a Nintendo Labo workshop experience for kids to enjoy. The Nintendo Labo Workshop is designed to inspire creative minds and playful hearts alike and we hope that each and every child that undertakes the workshop will leave with a smile on their face having enjoyed making, playing and discovering with Nintendo Labo”. Tickets start at £15 for children age 4-14 years and £15 for adults (15+) Click here to book. T: 0330 131 3333, email:     Read about the fantastic summer camp opportunities at KidZania here.

Blaze: the exciting boutique group training experience

Blaze is a new type of class and it’s taking the UK by storm.. Blaze is the latest sport and fitness trend for 2018, with people all over the country getting involved with the high intensity classes at David Lloyd clubs across Essex and the UK as a whole. The boutique group training experience combines mixed martial arts, intense cardio and strength conditioning, it’s a dynamic high intensity inter training (HIIT) boutique-style class synced to up-beat, motivating dance music. By targeting almost every muscle in the body, the new class offers the ultimate full-body work out but with a unique twist. What’s the twist? Throughout the class, attendees have to wear a heart rate monitor that will track their progress in real time, encouraging healthy competition amongst class participants or simply inspiring participants to beat their personal best. The class is led by the highly trained Blaze instructors from the David Lloyd fitness team. They will motivate participants to work harder and get into the red zone in certain parts of your workout, where you can exert maximum heart rate effort. It’s at this rate of effort that you will expand aerobic capacity, build lactate threshold, increase endurance and stamina, improve speed/power, improve recovery and crush those calories that you’ve built up at work. The Blaze studio is home to three different workout zones. At each zone, you’ll find equipment for a different set of exercises. For example, Woodway treadmills at our cardio zone, a bespoke weight bench called the Blaze box in our strength zone with suspended punch and core bags for mixed martial arts inn our combat zone. Participants move between these zones; running, lifting weights or boxing and doing martial arts for three minutes at each station.

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