A pool is an obvious choice for this summer’s relentless heat, so we’ve scouted out the best hotels with pools, home and away, for your holiday pleasure!


Why We Love It: Your teenagers might argue that if it's not Instagrammable, then it's not worth the trip. We guarantee that the Skypool at Shangri-La The Shard will silence all of their protests. If you're at all aesthetically minded, you'll delight in the almost unparalleled vistas. While the pool is indoors, sheltering sensitive skin from the sun, a huge window offers jaw-dropping views over London, including iconic landmarks such as St Paul's Cathedral and the London Eye. Plus, on the 52nd floor, the Skypool boasts the status of highest pool in Western Europe. All of this and it's directly adjacent to the Gong cocktail bar, where drinks offering the ultimate poolside glamour include the Black and Blue Swizzle - Talister, honey, lime, sherry and, bizarrely, blue cheese! As far as hotels with pools within driving distance of Essex are concerned, these are among this is one of the top choices.

What's The Cost? To book a weekend stay at Shangri-La The Shard this summer, contact our concierge team. Packages could include a family capsule at the London Eye, or a VIP visit to the Shard itself - if you haven't visited yet, you're among the few fans of luxury who haven't!

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Why We Love It: As the name might suggest, this is a secret garden hideaway in the heart of South West France. The air is scented with fragrant flowers and herbs, from orange blossom to jasmine and roses, while distinctly Mediterranean scenery abounds. You'll be sharing the views with the owner's rather rotund cats plus an aviary of lively birds. Yet, aside from their gentle chirps, the peace is idyllic. The centre-point is the pool, which is set in the hotel's landscaped gardens and is surrounded by stunning topiary - due to that alone, the vistas are far from conventional. Although it might be hard to prise a holiday-maker away from the waves, there's also plenty to do in the surrounding area, such as a visit to the monumental Roman amphitheatre. Concerts are sometimes held inside its walls. Plus the interior of the hotel is packed with quirky features from taxidermy peacocks to subcontinental art that rivals the current collection at Buckingham Palace!

What's The Cost? To book a short break in Nimes, contact our concierge team for the best prices.

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Why We Love It: It's one of the world's most decadent infinity pools, with just a few idyllic palm trees separating the beach from the ocean. Meanwhile on the other side of the pool lies an ancient forest stretching as far as Argentina. This hotel boasts a poolside bar serving up the latest Brazilian cocktails so, between that and topping up your tan, it's unlikely that you'll want to leave. On the other hand, if you do, there's no shortage of entertainment in Sao Paulo - one of the top ten largest cities in the world. Even better, this resort has eco-credentials, meaning that your stay will indirectly fund the replenishment of some beautiful yet severely depleted rainforest.

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