How To Build Muscle with Dan Poulter

Is one of your resolutions in 2018 to build more muscle?

Personal Trainer and Multipower ambassador Dan Poulter breaks down the top 5 things to know about muscle building, and how you can be more efficient when trying to get ripped in 2018.

Daniel’s Top Fitness Tips 

Eat More

A common misconception when trying to build muscle is that you just need to smash the gym to put on size. If you’re unhappy with your current size, until you’re prepared to eat more and put yourself in a calorie surplus, only then can you expect to see an improvement in size. As the old saying goes, ‘abs are made in the kitchen, and refined in the gym.

Train Less Often

Until you’re eating enough to match how often you train, you might consider training less often to prevent burning too many calories through excessive workouts. This is called a ‘calorie surplus’, and means your body will use the additional energy to build more muscle, as long as you’re getting quality (not quantity!) workouts in.

Focus on Getting Strong

If you aren’t getting stronger and lifting heavier weights than you used, to for the same amount of reps or more, your muscles aren’t being given a reason to grow.

Protein Intake

Protein is the building block of your muscles so make sure you’re eating a minimum of 1g protein per pound of bodyweight daily. Example: 75KG = 165g per day. If you’re struggling to get this much protein into your meals every day, then I suggest topping up your protein intake by using protein shakes such as Multipower’s 100% Pure Whey Protein powder.

Work with a Coach

That’s what I did to get started! So whether that’s physically or online, you need to learn from an expert to help show you the ropes. Someone who’s been there and done it!

All the leading David Lloyd clubs in Essex have a great selection of trainers to help with your fitness goals.

Weight Training With Leon Scott

With many strings to his bow, Leon Scott is not only a semi professional football player, fitness and fashion model, he is a Multipower ambassador and has provided us with top tips for those of you who want to start weight training but have never done so before. He has also included a few key exercises to get you started on your road to getting stronger and fitter. Leon Scott’s Top Tips  Start by learning some exercises that work major muscle groups Think about building your workouts around big muscle groups. That means your lower body (squats, deadlifts, lunges), shoulders (overhead presses, raises), chest (bench presses, flys), back (rows), and core (though many of these will be bodyweight-only exercises). My personal favourite exercises that I would recommend are squats & bench press. The key to making these exercises as successful as possible is keeping the form controlled and smooth. These exercises plus many more for beginners, intermediate and advanced trainers can be found in my latest fitness eBook, available to download on my website. Learn proper technique/form In order to prevent injuries and build muscle effectively, having proper form and technique is absolutely essential. Proper technique will make sure that you’re working the right muscles without straining. If you’re unsure what the correct form is, don’t be scared to ask a personal trainer in the gym – they’ll be more than happy to help! Do not try to lift heavy weights straight away Anyone who’s new to lifting weights should start slow; do not try to work with weights that are so heavy that you cannot complete all your reps and sets with perfect form. Quality over quantity is definitely the most important particularly when you’re new to lifting weights, and that applies to both number of reps and weight. Even the most ripped bodybuilders in the world started somewhere, so don’t worry about lifting light weights. Be Consistent, set goals and Don’t Give Up  Everyone wants quick fix results, but unfortunately it’s not that easy. We want results, and we wanted them yesterday. Set yourself small and more quickly achievable goals along the way, but the point is that you must be consistent and keep working towards your goal, and celebrate the smaller ones you achieve along the way. Don’t expect to start training and witness results overnight. Enjoy the process and you will enjoy everything that comes with it – more energy, more confidence and you will overall feel better. To keep things fresh, I like to set myself new goals each week, as well as longer-term goals. Leon Scott is a Multipower ambassador. For more information visit  

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