Interview with Pedro Miranda

Exquisite brings you an exclusive interview with Navana’s Executive Chef, Pedro Miranda. 

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How did you get into the culinary arts?

I started to cook when I was very young, 5 or 6 maybe. I spent a lot of time with my Grandmother and Mother as my father was away at work a lot. My childhood was spent growing up in the kitchen.

When did you discover Japanese food? 

Portugal is the best country in the world for fish. I went to a lot of Japanese restaurants there and wanted to learn more about the cuisine.

Who has been your main inspiration?

Main inspiration is Yoshihiro Murata who hold a total of 7 Michelin stars across 4 of his restaurants. Also, Ferran Adria, as he was the chef that developed gastronomy to the level that it is today.

What excites you about Navana?

Serving Nikkei cuisine on this refined and modern level has never been done before. Being by the sea, means that we get to resource from Leigh-on-Sea daily and buy great quality produce as well as resourcing internationally.

What is difficult about Nikkei cuisine?

Everything is difficult but within the Japanese element, it’s all about perfection. Even the simplest of process can take years to perfect. In Japan, it can take up to 4 years to learn how to wash rice to make sure you get it right.

What makes Navana different from other restaurants?

The dinner menu is theatrical. I want to If you implement theatre and excitement. I don’t want to serve food that you can eat anywhere.

Do you have any favourite dishes on the menu?

The Black Cod. It takes a while to prepare as it is marinated in a saffron and miso sauce. Every receive has at least 7/8 sub recipes.

What is your main ambition for Navana?

At the moment, I am completely focused on the quality of the food and refine the dining experience for everyone that comes to Navana before we expand and go global!

136 Broadway, Leigh-on-Sea SS9, Essex, 01702 714234


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