Masterchef Shines Spotlight

on Peru Cuisine

Peru’s cuisine and dining scene featured on Wednesday evenings Masterchef with finalist contestants facing challenges in Lima…

On Wednesday, MasterChef, the UK’s flagship television cookery competition, selected Peru’s capital city of Lima as the overseas location for its 2018 finale week. Peru was picked due to its diverse gastronomical story and the four finalist amateur chefs embarked on a culinary adventure of a lifetime during Wednesday evening’s show.

During the episode, the final contestants traveled to Peru, discovered the essence of local Peruvian food, immersed themselves into Lima’s culinary scene and then applied what they learnt to help run a service in one of the world’s best restaurants, Virgilio Martinez’s CENTRAL, located in Lima. You think you’ve seen it all on MasterChef. And then one of the 2018 finalists decides to serve up a bowl of gaping piranha heads!

Check out a week-by-week Masterchef update to prepare you for tonight’s final! 

Peru cuisine has burst onto the UK dining scene in recent years with its fresh ingredients, exciting flavours and vibrant colours. Acclaimed Peruvian restaurant openings in London, including LIMA, Coya and Andina, have introducing Brits to Peru’s iconic dishes.

Peru has over 5,000 years of culinary history, and the wealth of its lands and cultural diversity give the country a tremendously varied palate. Peru cuisine has become more and more varied as races mixed and migrants landed at the port of Callao in Lima meaning that each city and region boasts its own regional dish with distinct flavours.

Cuisine of Lima

Lima’s most iconic dishes include ceviche and tiradito, as well as Peru’s national cocktail - the pisco sour. The capital’s captivating cuisine takes the form of an extensive menu of dishes with fish as the star ingredient, and ceviche, a source of national pride.

Amazonian Cuisine

Food from the Peruvian Amazon attracts travellers with its great variety of ingredients including beef, poultry, fish, mutton and pork. And what better companion for rainforest cuisine than fresh Amazonian juices, made from tropical fruits such as Cocona, Peruvian Lime and Camu Camu.

The cuisine of the Northern Coast

The cuisine of Peru’s northern coast fits perfectly with its warm climate and offers a variety of seafood and fish. A delicious way to savour the varied flavours of ceviches and sudado stews is by accompanying it with a cold beer!

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Masterchef Final Tonight!

Tonight, the final three will each cook their best three-course menus and the MasterChef 2018 champion will becrowned.

Masterchef 2018 Final is airing on BBC One tonight (Friday 13th April) at 8.30pm.

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