Señor Ceviche celebrates National Ceviche Day

Given that the foodie calendar is littered with an over-abundance of days dedicated to specific ingredients and cuisine, the fact that it was National Ceviche Day just recently, may have passed you by.

However, ceviche, a method of cooking raw fish and seafood in citrus juices and then pepping up with spice, is one dish that you shouldn’t ignore. Born out of Latin America, this approach has seen an explosion of interest recently and options to dine out in the capital, Peruvian style, are getting bigger and better.

One such place to explore this eclectic and artistic style of food is Señor Ceviche, the brainchild of chef and proprietor, Harry Edmeades, who picked up a passion for ceviche whilst travelling south America. What better time to try the flavours of South America than on National Ceviche Day?

First came a pop-up, then accolades and now he has two restaurants to his name. Out of the pair, my favourite is based in Fitzrovia, which has a slightly more understated and refined feel, as opposed to the loud and rambunctious Carnaby St branch.

The menu is modest but by no means does it leave you wanting and the best approach really is to order as many small pates as possible, to cover your table. First bites should include the chifa chicharrones, which are succulent squares of pork belly, cooked to crisp perfect with sweet soy.

As a first introduction, the house ‘Señor Ceviche’ – tender sea bass and octopus, cured in a lime and chilli marinade (known as ‘tiger’s milk’) – will soon give you an idea of what the fuss is all about. Peruvian BBQ should also be explored. Especially their flat iron steak, seared to perfection and topped with pickled shiitake mushrooms.

And don’t leave without trying a Pisco sour, the national cocktail of Peru. One or two of those and you will soon be dancing the Rumba.

Señor Ceviche, Charlotte Street, Fitzrovia, London, W1

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