Be Silky Smooth

This Summer

The weather is getting warmer and our legs are starting to make an appearance…

There is no need to deny it – for us women, getting our legs out for summer is a big deal! – Not only do we have to ensure they are silky smooth, but we also have to exfoliate, tan, moisturise and tone our lovely legs!

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To make the process as easy as possible, we have rounded up the very best, luxury ways to ensure silky smooth legs all summer long! Don’t worry, we’ve got you and your legs covered!


Oui Shave’s Charlotte razor is designed for women, by women, and looks so pretty on the counter that you’ll want to leave it out for everyone to see! A tool that's balanced and weighted to make shaving a pleasure. This is for the girls who want to show up for their lives- minus the razor burn.

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Friction Free Shaving (FFS), the world’s first shaving club for women, are delighted to launch their most innovative and premium razor yet, Rose. The model aims to make shaving cheaper, cleaner and more convenient. FFS offers three razors at £5 or £9 a month (P&P included).

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The luxury razors are crafted in England with the finest detailing and long lasting durability.
After months of design, prototyping and shaving, mahler and kin have perfected the balance, grip and weight to provide a flawless shave.
The razor handle is lightweight and follows natural curves of the body.

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Razor with chrome collar, end cap and cone razor stand, Edwin Jagger created this luxury lady's collection in response to customer requests for a feminine razor.
This gorgeous Lady's razor is manufactured in Sheffield using finest quality. It is all hand made and finished to the highest specification.

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This Marble Resin And 18 Carat Gold Razor is from Ginger Rose and these ladies and mens razors are handcrafted in England with the finest detailing and lasting durability. These luxury razors blend sleek, timeless style, with inpeccable functionality. These unisex razors will enrich your daily routine.

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The Mühle reusable razors are a great alternative to plastic disposable razors and suitable for men and women. This eco-friendly rose gold version is corrosion-resistant, making it longer lasting and therefore a more sustainable option when compared to a disposable. A gorgeous razor for a gorgeous lady!

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Seven Secret Herbs for a Natural Nights Sleep

How did you sleep last night? We all know someone who struggles to get a good natural nights sleep. Whether its down to work stress, your night-owl children, or just your mind wandering that’s keeping you awake, we are here to make sure your sleep gets better! New research from Pukka Herbs shows that the average UK adult gets just 6 hours 22 minutes sleep each night but don’t worry,  let’s revisit your sleep routine and implement new habits with Pukka Herbs. Here are seven secret herbs to help you get a great natural nights sleep and will have you sleeping like a baby in no time! Valerian is a strong nervine and sedative to the central nervous system relaxing tense muscles whilst also encouraging an undisturbed sleep, healthy sleeping pattern and ameliorating stress. Chamomile is a classic relaxant for the whole body and is an excellent herb for children. Lavender contains aromatic essential oils that reduce difficulty in falling asleep, promoting a more restful sleep and preventing night-time wakening. Limeflowers are particularly effective in helping to treat bad dreams and soothing a frazzled nervous system. Oatflower is a restorative to the nervous system which calms shattered nerves, relieves emotional instability and helps to restore a sense of peace and tranquillity. Ashwagandha is a strengthening adaptogenic tonic for nourishing the nervous and immune system, reducing stress and promoting a rejuvenative night’s sleep Nutmeg has sedative properties and can help to relax the nervous system. It may specifically help to prevent waking up after falling asleep – great news for those of us who tend to wake up in the night with a restless and racing mind. Pukka Teas are a fantastic range of organic teas that can lift you, soothe you, and refresh you. Tim and Sebastian, Pukka’s Co-Founders, believed from the beginning that if they used the best quality herbs, blended and sourced in the right way, they could connect millions of people with the power of plants and the wisdom of nature. Visit the official Pukka Herbs Website. If you’re improving your overall general health, click here to read Jamie Oliver’s tips for a healthy breakfast!  Pukka teas are available in lots of shops across Essex – Lakeside and Chelmsford Holland & Barrett, your local Sainsburys, Waitrose and Tescos. Buy some of Exquisite’s favourite Pukka teas below!

Vitamin Injections For The Perfect SS18

In need of a wellbeing boost? It’s most people’s favourite time of year, but that doesn’t mean the summer months are all plain sailing – festival fever, jet lag and long haul flights, can leave us feeling in need of a wellbeing boost. To help you feel your best for any occasion this SS18, the Vitamin Injections London clinic are offering a different type of “holiday jab. Injections that deliver their potent vitamin solutions directly into the bloodstream. Click here for Exquisite’s tips on achieving a bikini-ready body!  Here’s Exquisite’s favourite picks for summer scenarios… The scenario – Festival Fever: You’ve partied hard at Coachella, Bestival and Wireless but burning the candle at both ends has left you with ‘festival fever’. Now you’re in need of sleep, vitamins and more vitamins. You need something nutrient-rich that’ll help get you back on track. The solution – The Myers’ Cocktail: The original IV therapy solution, the Myers’ Cocktail is one of the most popular treatments amongst clients. Containing a mix of B vitamins, magnesium, calcium and vitamin C, this IV injection addresses both energy and the immune system. RRP: £150   The scenario – Jet Lag: A long-haul flight has your system all out of sync and you can’t sleep at the time you need to or stay awake when you need. The solution – The Vitality Shot: Multi-vitamins have long been adopted by health seekers and that’s exactly what the Vitality Shot is, except in IV form. Vitamin C, A, D and B Complex are combined to generate positive effects on the immune and nervous system. RRP: £200   The scenario – Summer Holiday Stress: You couldn’t be more in need of a holiday and have been working round the clock to make sure you can relax and enjoy it but as a result, you’re feeling pretty run down. You want to feel on top form for your holiday. The solution – the Glutathione Wellness Injection: Hailed as “the mother of all antioxidants”, glutathione is found naturally within leafy greens and it helps our bodies with the detoxification process. Ideal for city workers who are exposed to higher levels of toxins. RRP: £300     Visit the official website Vitamin Injections London treatments are available from £50. London clinic: 98 Crawford Street, London, W1H 2HL. Kent clinic: Breeze Yoga, 9 Albemarle Road, Beckenham, BR3 5HZ

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