Top tips for travelling with kids

It’s the holiday season and everyone is filling their time with gorgeous family days out and jetting off to exotic destinations. But when it comes to travelling with kids, the game can often be a lot more challenging than it used to be with just adults involved. It’s easy to hand your children their app filled iPads but how do you ensure the entire family holiday is the best it can be?

So whether your family is taking the train, car or plane, Exquisite have five top tips that will help your adventure flow a lot smoother for everyone involved.

We’d love to hear about your holiday stories so let us know what you got up to.

Take things slowly

We are all guilty of it at times ...rushing too much. "Come on, hurry up!" "Quick quick, we have to go NOW." etc. And isn't it frustrating when your child just doesn't realise the enormity of time when it comes to travelling?

Slow down. Rushing means you will forget something. Rushing means you are stressed. And rushing means you won't enjoy yourself. Once on holiday, the same applies. It's easy to try and cram too many plans into each day but this just means you won't enjoy them as much. And we all know that the kids just get cranky when they're overtired...and that isn't fun for anyone!

Give the kids some control

A while ago I showed you the top luxury luggage for kids. Allowing your child to first of all choose their own bag really makes a huge difference to their emotions. They feel in control and part of the decision making crew (even if really they aren't!) Let them pack their bag, try not to interfere if it's full of stuff you really don't think is particularly useful and just remember you are teaching them valuable lessons with every step.
Once on holiday, to avoid any stroppy moods, occasionally let the kids choose what you do. Some choose to split the day so everyone has a say in where you visit or what you do. Compromise is key!

Travel light

Do NOT overpack those bags! This year, whilst we packed up for our family holiday on Ibiza, I made a concerted effort to take as little as possible as I just knew we wouldn't be wearing anything more than beachwear, shorts and vests. And I was right (for once) and felt rather smug on returning home! For younger children and babies, remember that you will likely be able to buy everything you need at your holiday destination. Gone are the days of needing to pack enough baby wipes for the duration of the trip. Relax, pack less stuff and if you have any concerns, call ahead to wherever you are staying and ask about local shopping options. Need some gorgeous summer wear for the kids? Click here.

Book flights at the best time

Gone are the days when you could just book any flight time and cope with the outcome. A midnight flight is really not going to do you any favours when travelling with children. However, a night flight may be ideal as you could potentially have some rest en route. Be organised, ensure plenty of time is left between any connecting flights and plan the journey part of your holiday as best you can.

Go for it

Travelling with kids is a wonderful opportunity. All those incredibly memories you can make and the sights you will see together. For every worry there is about travelling with kids there is at least ten times the amount of happiness and excitement that you can share as a family. You only live once and travelling can give kids so many wonderful experiences. Go for it and have an awesome time away.

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Find Your Happy Place

We all know that warm feeling when you remember something and it puts a smile on your face. Well, recent studies have shown that experiences make us happy, which is why its no surprise that people are investing more in their wanderlust wish list than buying materialistic goods. With help from Health and Fitness Travel, we have outlined the best happy retreats to get booked into in 2018! Exquisite Happy Retreats  MacDonald Monchique – Portugal Is your mind and body becoming overwhelmed, are you over working yourself? This is a sure sign that you need a break – to detox from the stress and recharge your batteries. MacDonald Monchique has specially developed detox packages that will restore your balance and wellbeing in a calm and natural environment in Portugal. Say goodbye to the everyday strains with meditation, yoga and a host of mindful classes. This resort comes with unique alkaline spring water in their thermal spa which can wash away all those impending thoughts – or you can blow away those cobwebs on one of their many revitalising walks. The Monchique offers a 3 or 7 night detox retreat which will leave you feeling refreshed and brand new. SwaSwara – India This luxurious resort is nestled among the rolling hills in SwaSwara on the west coast of India, over looking the calming Indian ocean. Connect with nature at SwaSwara and follow their spiritual ethos to better understand your own needs. With a host of culinary demonstrations and expert advice, eat your way back to a peaceful and healthier lifestyle and reconnect with yourself. Your body and soul will feel refreshed and rejuvenated after healing Ayurveda treatments, yoga classes, mediation and advanced holistic therapies. There are four different packages to chose from to completely unwind and de-stress from your daily routine. Shanti Maurice – Mauritius Along the South coast of Mauritius, the Shanti Maurice sits in tropical gardens where a 5 or 7 day de-stress program is available, to help you regain control over your body. With a variety of health and fitness activities and stress eliminating therapies, this retreat will provide you with all the essentials you need to restore your mind, body and soul. With nutritionists, personal trainers, Ayurvedic physicians and yoga masters this collaboration is provided to help you feel mentally positive and physically rejuvenated. Through a mixture of ancient regimes and modern wellness regimes, unique treatments are created and designed to go beyond rediscovering tranquillity. To book any of these amazing trips click here!

Family Travel Tips for Babies First Holiday

Travelling with your new born baby for the first time is such an exciting experience, but can be somewhat daunting – thinking about all the things you need to take and how will your little one be on the flight with feeding and sleeping. Exquisite have come up with some top tips to help you when travelling with your new addition. For your first expedition, and to make life easier, we’d recommend consider flying to destinations that you can take from your local airport. Southend and Stansted have a fantastic list of destinations from France to Dubai – this ensures that you can keep the travel time to the airport to a minimum, and the density of passengers passing through the airport is much less than at large international terminals. Southend has easy parking right outside the terminal, but for even greater peace of mind, take advantage of booking your parking with a sky lounge pass – infants under 2 go free and you’re afforded extra time before your flight to prepare the baby for the journey; feeding, changing and settling her/him in a calmer environment. We also suggest looking at destinations under 3 hours flight time, perhaps somewhere like the Balearics? Ibiza has a flight time of 2 hours 25 mins, and several family-friendly hotels. Or, why not consider staying in your own home from home luxury villa? Exquisite loves Casa Des Jondal – a beautiful property on the Southern Coast of Ibiza, within walking distance of Cala Jondal and its stunning bay. Transfer times from the destination airport to the resort are key; try to keep them under an hour and ideally opt for a private transfer, that way you are not waiting on anyone else and are taken directly to your hotel. If you can, try to travel outside of peak seasons, late May, early June, September and October are great months to avoid the highest temperatures and huge numbers of holidaygoers. Most of all, it’s important to enjoy this precious time with your little family. Relax and cherish your babies first dip in the pool and their first experience of having sand between their fingers and toes. If you want to book your families first holiday, then we would be more than happy to help create these amazing memories for you. Please call the Exquisite Concierge team on 01277 888708.

Benefits of using a Travel Concierge service

Looking for that perfect holiday or trip, With the ever-increasing level of information at the press of a button through internet sites, offers and social media platforms, can be quite noisy and sometimes confusing to know what you want and what you’re getting. Having a dedicated Travel Concierge service can help with all of that and more. Most of us have a list of destinations we’d like to go to, friends and families that recommend locations and of course there is an abundance of travel programmes and adverts to inspire us. A personal travel concierge is there to ensure that your trip is tailored to you, wherever in the world you are travelling to, we all have very different needs and things that make your trip special. We are also there to help you avoid costly errors as well as support you should there be any unexpected issues that interfere with your travel plans. There was a recent incident where a couple booked a hotel through a well-known booking site, that advertised a package holiday to a Greek Island, with a list of hotels to choose from. The couple booked one of the suggested hotels – on receipt of confirmation the customer noticed that the hotel they had booked was on a different Greek island, 400 miles away, and would take them 3 days by Ferry and car to get there. This is really where travel experts come into their own, with destination knowledge, consultative in ensuring that you are booking the right location suitable for your needs, and picking up on any anomalies immediately that may come from any technical errors. There are also sometimes things that happen completely out of anyone’s control, like closure of an airport or recently the BA computer issue that can impact your holiday plans, having someone that is there overseeing you as an individual customer can be invaluable in ensuring that your issue is prioritised and dealt with as soon as possible. Deals on line can look very tempting, but do always check that you are getting like for like, that you have all the correct ATOL and ABTA protections, sometimes a deal can be too good to be true and not what you thought you were booking and sometimes not really what you wanted. You work hard all year for your breaks away, and having someone personally helping you find that perfect trip can make all the difference.

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