VegfestUK comes to London Olympia

VegfestUK returns to London with a colourful bang this October at Kensington Olympia. One of Europe’s premier vegan superfood and lifestyle festivals, this is something all you foodies and health bunnies will want to be at.

With a whopping 15,000 visitors across previous weekends the festival has been a date for the diary for all those passionate about healthy living and devouring guilt free food. This year main features from the Food Village include the likes of sushi-aficionado Happy Maki, Jake’s Vegan Steaks (specialising in healthy twists on classic American fast food), indulgent comfort food pro LazyBoy Kitchen as well as Pitfield Brewery a vegan pub serving hand pulled and keg craft beers, cider and delicious wine.

The festival is also hosting a ton of entertainment for the whole family including the Environment & Food Sustainability Summit, the progressively popular Vegan Comedy Corner, a cinema, Kids area and Teen Zone, along with an abundance of vegan stalls, talks and cookery demos from industry professionals.

This year is seeing us hit London harder than ever before. Our previous dates in Brighton and Bristol were a fantastic kick off to 2017, and now we’re ready to take the capital by storm with beautiful food, fantastic traders and an all round exemplary event that everyone can enjoy.” – Alan Lee VegfestUK’s organiser.

To make sure you are a part of this amazing event and you don’t miss out on all the healthy yet delicious foods then book your tickets here for the 21st and 22nd October at Kensington Olympia.

Is frozen food as nutritional as you think?

The fresh vs frozen produce discussion has been around since the freezers became mainstream in the 1940s. Let’s be honest, we all appreciate frozen once in a while, its convenient, ready to put in the pan and requires no prep time. On the other hand, fresh is fresh after all and provides more nutrients, or do they? A number of studies have tested and compared the nutrients in both fresh and frozen produce to see which is ‘better’ for us. The outcome, frozen food beats fresh to the finish line. This is only by minimal circumstances however. Fun Fact  Fruits and vegetables are typically over 90% water and, once they are harvested, begin to undergo higher rates of respiration, resulting in moisture loss, quality deterioration and potential microbial spoilage. Harvesting itself separates the fruit or vegetable from its source of nutrients, the plant or tree, and it essentially uses itself as a source of calories. Many fresh fruits and vegetables have a shelf life of only days before they are unsafe or undesirable for consumption. – Journal of the Science of Food and Agriculture As soon as fresh produce are picked and frozen they still carry the same nutritional value from when they were originally picked, where as fresh produce has been sitting on the shelf a few days before reaching a supermarket. Vitamins C is heat and light sensitive so as soon as the fruit and veg is packaged and transported the vitamin levels start to drop. Storing your fruit and veg in the fridge will slow down the nutritional loss, but only for a few days, if this is the case you may as well buy frozen. We suggest using a mixture of fresh and frozen. If you plan on going straight home and preparing a mean summer salad or having an afternoon bowl of fruity goodness then by all means stick with the fresh goods. If you are prepping your meals for a few days in advance then frozen is your best option. Juice Bar Recommendations 

Bang Bang Oriental Food Hall

Exquisite takes a look into London’s biggest Asian foodhall, Bang Bang. From bubble tea to ramen, we taste it all.  Fusing cultural entertainment and pan-Asian culinary experience, the Bang Bang Foodhall is London’s biggest Asian foodie space. The eco-friendly venue in North London is a hub that encompasses a restaurant, food court and community space –  the first of its kind within the capital. The food court is one of a kind, sophisticated and affordable. Seating up to 450 guests, the energy is different to anywhere else you’ll visit outside Asia. There is more of an authentic Asian Street Food atmosphere from the abundance of kiosks offering an eclectic mix of Chinese, Indian, Korean, Japanese, Malaysian, Taiwanese and Vietnamese cuisines. If you want to tuck into something more formal, Bang Bang Oriental is home to the incredibly stylish Golden Dragon flagship restaurant, offering dim sum lunches as well as an ever-growing Chinese menu to satisfy any food cravings. ‘Bang Bang Oriental Foodhall’ translates as ‘Good Good Oriental Foodhall’ in Mandarin. On Monday to Thursday, it’s open 11.30am until 9.30pm, Friday to Saturday from 11am until 10pm and Sunday from 11am to 9pm, allowing you to experience brunch, lunch and dinner all under one roof. For those environmentally conscious, Bang Bang Oriental is green-thinking. Designed by Stiff + Trevellion, the venue features state-of-the-art technology such as a bio-fuel cylinder (costing £85k) that collects food waste for energy regeneration, reducing the building’s carbon emissions. There are other indoor and outdoor spaces for various other community events, cultural and dance activities such as Lion dancing. With all ages in mind, there is also a children’s play area. Residents are able to hire the community spaces for up to 60 hours a week. Amalgamating minimalism and oriental culture to create a new visual icon for North London. Stiff + Trevillion’s new 32,000 square foot space is a stunning new space to attract worldwide visitors to the North London destination for the ultimate pan-Asian experience. Bang Bang Oriental Foodhall, 399 Edgware Road, NW9 0FH Instagram: @bangbangoriental Twitter: @bangbangofh Facebook: BangBangOriental Here’s our pick of the four best places to try at Bang Bang Food Hall

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