The Best Real Estate Concierges In London


Property management can be a hugely stressful undertaking, especially if you are trying to go it alone. And, if you are buying your first luxury property, understanding the ins and outs of this process can be confusing at best.

This is where the services of a real estate concierge can come in handy.

But, what is a real estate concierge service?

This property management service offers an all-encompassing experience, going the extra mile for both the seller and the buyer, providing vetted lists of providers, gathering bids for sellers, and even navigating the planning and maintenance of a new home.

It is a lifestyle management service that allows homeowners – both new and established – to enjoy their property with minimal stress.

So, how can you choose from the best of the best that London has to offer? We take a look behind the curtain of these luxury concierge services so you can make the best decision for your needs.

Lila Cordelia Property Management London

Lila CordeliaProperty Management in London has 65 years of combined experience under their belts. Their focus is on luxury property management, and they have worked with clients ranging from celebrities to well-known families.

Their concierge services include tackling all administration aspects of purchasing or selling a property, overseeing tradesmen and contractors, scheduling and managing housekeeping, and regular inspections and maintenance of vacant properties. Their team will partner with bespoke lifestyle management specialists based in London, to ensure the best quality possible for all clients.

Sherwoods Property

Sherwoods Property is known for offering bespoke, personal, and professional property management services. They coordinate directly with their clients to find the perfect luxury house, office, or property and provide a personalised assistant service for all your lifestyle management needs.

Their services include sourcing property opportunities across London and Europe, managing the logistics of relocating both locally and internationally, as well as managing your home and any tenants you might have as a landlord. Their stellar interior design sourcing service is also highly useful and creative.

Home Serenity

Serenity is something we should all feel in our home, and this concierge service aims to provide their clients with just that feeling. Their personalised property management services started in the South of France but now extend to London and the French Riviera.

Their international flair extends to property management services, including looking after your home while you are in residence or away, preparing your garden and pool for your return, and even cleaning all luxury vehicles on your property. Need to organise a lunch at home with family and friends? Home Serenity can provide guidance on the best private chefs or exclusive restaurants, too.


Every king needs a castle, and with Monarch Property Management in London, you can find your castle…and own it too. Monarch advises their clients on prime luxury residential properties, offering an estate management concierge service like no other.

Their focus is on international and high-end clients, which include professional athletes and high-net-worth individuals. Their team also maintains all aspects of the property, from physical maintenance to analysing the cost and value increase of your property year on year. If you need help with decorating your new investment property, Monarch can guidance and advice on the best vendors in the industry.

The London Management Company

The London Management Company offers practical property and lifestyle services both in and away from home. Think of them as your always-available advice centre, especially when it comes to private, luxurious house advice in The Big Smoke.

This team of luxury experts is made up of experienced personnel who know London like the back of their hands, enabling them to provide clients with in-depth assistance in buying in the area. Their bespoke packages include administration of utilities and bills, weekly property checks, homecoming preparation, as well as a mail watch.

Final Words

Choosing the best property services for your investments takes time and planning. Simply jumping at the first company that you stumble upon is never ideal, so it is best to make an informed decision.

Opting for a property management company that deals specifically with exclusive clients will ensure that you find the support that suits your requirements.

If you are not admin-minded, Lila Cordelia can provide expert assistance. Sherwoods Property is ideal for those who want an interior revamp, and Home Serenity has an international reach if you want to own properties abroad. These companies can help to make your property dreams a reality.