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Looking for a whiskey investment company that can take care of your needs?

Whiskey & Wealth Club offer Concierge services when it comes to Whiskey investment. Whiskey & Wealth Club facilitates safe and secure investments in wholesale cask Irish whiskey and Scotch Whisky ownership for clients all around the world. If you are looking to invest in Whiskey, then they are a highly recommended first point of contact as they can advise you on what steps to take.

How it started

Whiskey & Wealth Club was founded by three friends in 2018 – Jay Bradley, Scott Sciberras and William Fielding -each having extensive experience in the drinks industry and wider whiskey business world. Whiskey & Wealth Club has grown to encompass bases in both Dublin and London. Over time they have been joined by a highly skilled and focused team of around 40 professionals.

Safe and secure investment

All investors want safe and secure investments, and Whiskey & Wealth Club take compliance and safety very seriously. As an investment company, they make sure regulations and processes are followed to ensure investments are protected.  

All the distillery partners they work with have to adhere to strict laws imposed by HMRC. HMRC regularly carry out distillery audits, alongside regular site visits from Whiskey & Wealth Club and their clients. This ensures investors are dealing with reputable distilleries and warehouses.  

Whiskey & Wealth is a reputable cask whiskey investment organisation, and holds all appropriate licences with HMRC and undergoes a rigorous application process to do so. The compulsory license that must be held is called a Warehousekeepers and Owners of Warehoused Goods Regulation licence (WOWGR). 

How the process works

One of the main reasons that whisky’s favourability is coming to the fore now is that it is asset-backed. When private individuals buy and hold casks of whisky they are purchasing an asset for which they have sole ownership.

The casks are then stored in a government bonded warehouse, typically for five to 10 years. They are fully insured and the insurance increases year-on-year in line with the cask’s value. 

Another key factor driving investors to premium cask whisky is the fact that the value increases with age and expected returns of around 10%, largely through a growing secondary market for premium mature whiskey.

Why whiskey investment is important

Premium cask whisky investment can secure a healthy return, investment also supports distilleries and the whisky industry. Since whisky’s value is largely determined by its age and the fact that it needs to age before it can legally be declared as a whisky, it can be years until distilleries see returns. 

To cover overheads, distillers will offer selected casks to willing purchasers, which then, in turn, provides them with an injection of capital that can cover the costs of the time and labour-intensive distilling process.

Why you should invest with Whiskey & Wealth Club

In the uncertain times that we are still facing today, whiskey has proven to be a savvy investment. Many investors have seen confidence grown in cask investments amidst COVID-19. Additionally, investing in the Whiskey and Wealth Club carries very little risk, this is because their barrels of whiskey comes from the very best distilleries meaning that as they age, they increase in value with potentially massive rewards in the future.

I hope this review helps you to better understand the company and what they can offer. The numbers speak for themselves, so why not invest with Whiskey & Wealth Club today!

  • Four billion pounds worth of sales of Scotch Whisky to the global market in 2021 (£4,900,000,000)
  • Twenty-four million cases of Irish Whiskey are predicted to be in production in 2030 (24,000,000 )
  • Six hundred and eighty-one thousand litres of whiskey purchased through Whiskey & Wealth Club this year (681,800)

How Whiskey & Wealth Club benefits its clients

Whiskey & Wealth Club’s clients are able to access the exclusive world of wholesale cask whiskey with the complete package of turnkey ownership. Clients purchase cask whiskey at discounted rates and can decide on a range of tailored exit strategies, from buying and holding (to sell on as the whiskey matures) to exclusive ‘private labels’ for use in the hospitality industry, to bottling their own personal whiskey marque. This means you have the opportunity to bottle privately. Members are also the first to get their hands on exclusive releases from distillery partners and can enjoy such a great experience. They also offer their clients ongoing advice and have a great onboarding process with knowledgeable staff to guide you.

Making an investment for your future

The growing global demand for premium whisky as well as the growing secondary market means that in a few years, the demand for the premium mature spirit will rise, which is set to play into the hands of those holding mature premium stock. 

As a result of the global economic turmoil and uncertainty around financial markets, investors have increasingly turned to alternative investments, particularly, cask whisky. In the first half of the year alone, investors and private buyers have put €7.8m in premium cask whisky through Whiskey & Wealth Club. This figure is almost double that of the same time last year. Since lockdown, a total of 258.5 pallets have been purchased.

There is an increased global trend of investors purchasing casks of premium spirit. People from the USA, Singapore and Europe, particularly Germany, Denmark, Netherlands and Finland have all purchased casks since lockdown. 

Why invest in Irish Whiskey?

Irish whiskey is the granddaddy of them all. Just a century ago it dominated the world, both in terms of volume and excellence. Today, the Irish whiskey industry enjoys an astonishing renaissance with a market value in the US soaring to $1 billion and production recovering to historic highs of a projected 14 million cases in 2020. With the market share of Irish Whiskey investment set to leap by 300% within the decade and with production limited to a small number of boutique distilleries. Demand is expected to exceed supply for some years to come making it a great investment and you get the opportunity to bottle privately.

Why invest in Scotch Whiskey?

Investment in Scotch whisky remains the global whisky superstar, putting all others in the shade. It is a drinks behemoth — the single most traded spirit on the planet and accounting for 75% of Scotland’s entire food and drink export revenue. The secret to Scotland’s success is its adaptability and today it is leading a move to premium single malt whiskies. The global palate is becoming more refined and the value of the high-quality Scotch single malt market is set to grow by over 11% a year to 2022.

Whisky has proved to be a great collector’s item in past years, gaining higher returns than gold. A collectable can be sold for an extremely high price. Some bottles are deemed as the best collectables on the market and are equally good for new investors and avid collectors alike.

The benefits of investing with Whiskey & Wealth Club

Whisky & Wealth Club prides itself as an industry expert, sharing current insights and trends in their conclusive Cask Whiskey Report. When you decide to invest with Whiskey & Wealth Club, you are assured that your investments are in safe hands. As a client, you are designated a personal Wealth Manager to look after your portfolio and support you in your financial aspirations with the correct guidance. The company also offers a complete package of turnkey ownership for whisky casks and provides a seamless experience into the exclusive world of Scotch and Irish cask whiskey ownership.

Operating since 2018, they have established themselves as a company with excellent customer service, relaying their accumulated knowledge and expertise to over 1200 satisfied clients worldwide. Since its inception, the company has experienced substantial success and growth from expanding headcounts within the business to record revenue figures.

Not only has Whisky & Wealth Club earned the trust of their clients with over one hundred five-star Trustpilot reviews, but they have also been awarded multiple accolades within the industry. At the 2020 UK Business Awards, Whiskey & Wealth Club won top prizes for the best insurance/banking and financial services and new business category, and in the previous year, they won second place at the Growing Business Awards.

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